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Most Advanced Blog PHP Scrip developed with Codeigniter Framework from This Blog PHP Script contains all the features needed for a model blog and it very easy to use.


10 Jul 2023


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This is one of the best blog script available in the world, Just take a demo and you will feel it. This Script contains a large set of tools to help and make your job even easier. This blog is designed with bootstrap and SCSS is used to create the style. It is very easy to install and use this blog. This script is developed with lightweight Codeigniter framework it is very easy to modify and maintain 

Normally placing a perfect thumbnail for your blog and keep the alignment perfect is a big headache. Smart Blog solve this issue by  cropping and resizing the image  this help you show the best part of the image in the thumbnail , and at the same time you can perfectly maintain the alignment easily 

Another Important challenge in blog publishing is social sharing it is very important to share our blog in all social platform we can easily achieve this by adding all the necessary components to blog. You don’t care about works behind social sharing we will care everything you just simply post the blog and share it with your social accounts.

We have a rich Text Editor with a lot of options to make you work even comfortably you can easily write and publish your blog with the help of the editor.

Another important thing in blog development is SEO. We also provide the most advanced tool for better SEO. This blog has an automated SEO tool that will create SEO friendly title, URL, tag, description for your blog if you need more control over it you edit everything with our SEO Tool

Admin Review option for both User blog and Guest comments and can moderate both user post and guest comments you can easily achieve this out most advances admin panel

With the most advanced admin panel and user dashboard, you easily analyze the blog views. You find the exact Statistics about your blog views and it will help you a lot to promote your blog 

You can create new custom pages your self  and you can add any additional content to your website you can easily do it with the help of advanced page tool from the admin panel

You can create customize your menu from the admin panel you can dynamically add a menu from the blog category and from the pages also you can create your custom external Link to the menu.

This Blog script has all the advanced features needed for the modern-day blog if you still need any custom features or you want to customize this blog you can simply contact us we will do it for you 

Key Features

  1. 1, Advanced SEO tool to boost the SEO of the blog
  2. 2, Easy to share on  social media 
  3. 3, Thumbnail Resize and Crop option 
  4. 4, Statistics for  Blog
  5. 5, Most Advanced Admin panel
  6. 6, Review Option for User Blogs and Comments
  7. 7, Fully Dynamic Website
  8. 8, Attractive and Responsive Design
  9. 9, Stylish Blog Slider on Home Page
  10. 10, Designed with Bootstrap
  11. 11, SCSS is used for style sheet
  12. 12, Build on top of lightweight framework Codeigniter
  13. 13, Easy to use layouts
  14. 14, Both User login and Admin login
  15. 15, Mobile-Friendly Admin Panel
  16. 16, Email options for Verification, Password Reset, Notifications
  17. 17, User login with Profile Image
  18. 18, Ritch HTML Editor is used
  19. 19, SMTP Email Sending Options

  • Use in personal projects
  • Number of websites/domains
  • Create websites for clients
  • Remove footer credit link
  • Premium support via Email
  • Free installation
  • Free Support

Extra Features


  • Use in personal projects
  • Number of websites/domains - 1
  • Create websites for clients
  • Remove footer credit link
  • Premium support via Email
  • 1 - Free installation
  • 2 Months - Free Support



  • Use in personal projects
  • Number of websites/domains - Unlimited
  • Create websites for clients
  • Remove footer credit link
  • Premium support via Email
  • 3 - Free installation
  • 6 Months - Free Support

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